Solutions for management and monitoring of inventory items and supplies in the course of production process

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You're looking for

To reduce expenditures for procurement of inventory items and supplies?

to be aware of the information as to endurance of each particular item of spare parts and tools

To take managerial solutions on the basis of quality information?

to get predictive analytical information

To minimize theft occurrences?

to trace the life cycle (starting from warehousing and ending up with utilization) and to verify installation of the inventory items and supplies to the equipment

QRSmarty stands for:


Tuning of our solution to your specific business processes and automated system


Monitoring and control of all the process straight from your mobile telephone


Self-explanatory user interface


Licensing or intellectual property rights for the product specifically created and dedicated for you

Focusing on innovation

We are prepared to widen up the functional application of our solution and turn into life your ideas

Quality issues

Experienced programmers "compose" such a code which we are not sorry for

Methods of marking

We have carried out in-depth analysis of available marking facilities to solve the tasks with regard to identification of a variety of inventory items and supplies

Laser engraving of information on a piece of item
Dot-impact marking
Thermal-transfer printing of stickers
Self-destructing stickers
Use of identification seals
Hand-held marking device using ink
Using of tags
RFID marks

Elaborated by the team of professionals




Business analytic

In order to get more detailed information with regard to the service in question you may download the presentation by below reference, or apply directly to our managers by using any method convenient for you.

How to get in touch with us

We will gladly provide answers to any queries of yours regarding the QRSmarty service.

Zaporozhye city, Ukraine

+38 (066) 338 06 16 Kyrylo
+38 (099) 525 62 75 Kateryna
+38 (096) 912 75 34 Aleksander


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